Apostles: Special Witnesses of Jesus Christ

Apostles are witnesses of Jesus Christ and testify to all the world of His divine mission. Christ himself ordained 12 apostles during his earthly ministry.

Today, 12 living apostles continue the same charge to teach and testify of Him.

Apostles serve as special witnesses of Jesus Christ, with a primary purpose to teach and testify of His divine role and mission. Jesus Christ chose and ordained twelve apostles during His earthly ministry to help share His message of truth and salvation with all people. Simon Peter was the first apostle Jesus called, and the leader of the twelve. Then there was Andrew, his brother, James and John, also brothers, then Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Matthew the publican, another apostle named James, Judas Thaddaeus, Simon Zelotes, a Canaanite, and last, Judas Iscariot, the traitor.

After Christ’s death and resurrection, the apostles continued to travel and teach, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with as many people as they could. They also endured persecution and were killed because of their teachings. Over time the foundation of the Church and the priesthood authority that Christ established was lost.

The divine return of The Church of Jesus Christ began in the early 1800s. Just as in Christ’s ancient church, the Restored Church was subsequently organized with twelve apostles, men who have the same authority and charge from Jesus Christ to “teach all nations,” and continue to take His gospel to all the world.

Apostles in The Church of Jesus Christ

“An ‘apostle’ is an ordained leader in the Melchizedek Priesthood in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Apostles are chosen through inspiration by the President of the Church, sustained by the general membership of the Church, and ordained by the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles by the laying on of hands. … In addition to serving as witnesses of Jesus Christ to all the world (Doctrine and Covenants 107:23), as Jesus’ apostles did, members of the current Quorum of the Twelve Apostles hold the keys of the priesthood—that is, the rights of presidency (Doctrine and Covenants 107:35; cf. 124:128)” (Encyclopedia of Mormonism [1992], 1:59–60).

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