Book of Mormon Videos are a series of videos that dramatize and depict parts of The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ. The videos are intended to help people learn from the book and are available for both children and adults. Some videos include stories such as “Captain Moroni”, “Helaman’s faithful stripling warriors”, and “The Lord Delivers the People of Limhi and Alma”. Others cover topics such as prophecies, teachings, and testimonies about Jesus Christ, and the Savior’s appearance to the Nephites.

The videos are available in multiple languages, including as many as 60 for the 2024 series. Some examples of videos in the series include:
  • 2 Nephi — Enos: Focuses on the prophets Nephi, Jacob, and Enos
  • Mosiah — Alma: Covers more than 200 pages of content from the book
  • Special episodes: Includes a video that connects the end of the Book of Mormon with its discovery hundreds of years later.

This series of  will take you on their journey into the wilderness, across the ocean to a new promised land, and through the subsequent events of a thousand years of growth, cultural development and decay, political and military campaigns, and above all, the personal ministry of the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ.





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