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  • Composer to Advance How Consumers Invest with accessible algorithmic trading
    by /u/Optimizing-Energy on October 4, 2022 at 7:32 am

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  • Why not use electromagnets in place of motors in performance driven EVs
    by /u/cool_jazzz on October 1, 2022 at 10:53 am

    People are always complaining about EVs not having the character and feel of an IC engine. Well to solve it can’t there be an arrangement for an engine block with pistons and crankshaft. Piston heads are set with permanent magnets say for example with the positive pole facing upwards and the cylinder head is an electromagnet connected to a relay to convert the polarity, now just like an IC engine’s working but instead of working on combustion it works on the normal repelling and attracting forces of magnets. To get the car going (say if the arrangement is as of inline 6 engine) 3 of the alternate pistons are repelled by turning on the electromagnets which sends them down making the crankshaft rotate and the remaining 3 are attracted upwards towards the cylinder head(electromagnet). If not more efficient than a motor at least it should be as efficient as a motor because the coil of the motor needs a continuous supply of current but here you need that just for a fraction of a second. submitted by /u/cool_jazzz [link] [comments]

  • What Is Innovation Strategy?
    by Josh Noorily on September 30, 2022 at 8:00 pm

    Innovating doesn’t just happen when inspiration strikes. In order to ensure forward progress, a business has to create a structure that stimulates innovation regularly. This structure will determine the rate and efficacy of overall innovation and is commonly known as an innovation strategy. This article will define innovation strategy, discuss how to create one, […] The post What Is Innovation Strategy? appeared first on InnovationManagement.

  • innovators of the week
    by /u/Dalembert on September 30, 2022 at 1:50 pm

    DARPA Autonomous vehicles are being introduced into the world’s most advanced armies. They promise to free up human soldiers for more critical tasks. Where each truck in a supply convoy had to have several driving crews, a convoy of autonomous ones may need only one crewed vehicle. In addition, such robotic conveyances can be self-deploying, which frees up human soldiers. The goal is to produce autonomous vehicles that can act as part of combat teams, which means they have to be able to drive as fast and turn as nimbly while negotiating rugged terrain as ones driven by humans. ​ Imperial College London and Empa Structures built by swarms of flying drones. Researchers in Switzerland and the UK have developed flying 3D printing robots that can build structures while flying as bees and wasps do. They say the technology could be used to erect or repair buildings in difficult spots like disaster zones or in the upper reaches of skyscrapers. The drones cooperate to deposit layers of material guided by a digital design, adapting their movements as they go. They are fully autonomous while flying but are monitored by a human controller. ​ Penn State University and U.S. Air Force A novel material that can think and sense. Engineers have created a soft material that acts like a brain, simultaneously sensing, thinking, and acting upon mechanical stress. The discovery revealed the opportunity for nearly any material around us to act like its own integrated circuit: being able to ‘think’ about what’s happening around it. This could make things around us optimize and adjust in real-time. The research team is now trying to process visual information as it does with physical signals.,circuits%20to%20process%20these%20signals. ​ Saildrone Incredible video from inside Category 4 Hurricane Fiona. Saildrone, a California-based company released video footage gathered by their uncrewed surface vehicle from inside hurricane Fiona. The ocean drone battled 50-foot waves and winds measuring over 100 mph to collect critical scientific data. At one moment, it reached a peak speed of 40 mph while surfing down a massive wave. It is one of seven hurricane sail drones deployed in the Atlantic Ocean to gather data that will help forecasters better understand the physical processes of hurricanes and give people living in the coastal communities more time to prepare. ​ Innovafeed InnovaFeed is a vertical insect farm company that harnesses insects to create nutrients for animals, including fish, poultry, and pet food. They also create organic fertilizers out of insect poop. They actually run two farms and plan on expanding into the U.S with a new production in Illinois. InnovaFeed isn’t alone in its endeavor to use insects for animal protein. Another notable player in the space is Better Origin, a UK-based company that is all about transforming food waste into insect feed. This could replace the cultivation of soybean or even other animals being grown just to feed bigger ones. ​ Instacart Instacart recently bought Caper, a company making a smart cart that can detect what items are placed in it based on computer vision and weight. It has a touchscreen and an attached payment terminal. This sort of goes against Instacart’s delivery service goal: to remove the inconvenience of needing to go to the grocery store yourself. But as the pandemic wanes, demand for online delivery services is dropping and hurting companies like Instacart, Uber, and DoorDash. That’s what Instacart has been working on: building a white label smart shopping ecosystem that it claims can give any store a digital storefront. But also improve customer experience that can easily skip the lines. ​ Oregon State University & Agility Robotics Running robot achieves Guinness World Record in the 100-meter dash. The bipedal droid, who goes by “Cassie”, was created by Agility Robotics at Oregon State University. It just ran the fastest 100 meters by a bipedal robot. It operated with no cameras or external sensors, meaning Cassie ran blindly. While paling in comparison to a Usain Bolt, who holds the human world record at 9.58 seconds, Cassie’s time of 24 seconds is impressive considering it’s the first robot to use machine learning to control it. submitted by /u/Dalembert [link] [comments]

  • The UAE maintains its position on the Global Innovation Index for 2022, which is the first place at the level of Arab countries for the seventh year in a row
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  • Driveway – a chrome extension that automatically create step-by-step training guides with screenshots by recording your browser-based workflows.
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  • The AI Tutor – Revolutionary – Learn any Topic or Subject by Asking Questions
    by /u/Upset-Cup8249 on September 27, 2022 at 10:10 pm

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  • An online platform for sharing creative ideas
    by /u/Gustavo-Manaka on September 26, 2022 at 2:57 pm

    Hey guys, I made a website that I think you might be interested in. Human inventions are the product of a series of ideas turned concrete thanks to human labor, expertise and technology. While many people can be involved in their implementation, the ideas themselves usually come from only a few individuals. This is a pity because the invention will eventually be constrained by the creative capacity of these individuals. I believe we see this everywhere. Most human inventions (businesses, movies, policies, etc.) are not very innovative, they seem to take a lot of inspiration from something already existing. The problem lies in the small set of people involved in the creative process. Because every human being is creative by nature (to different degrees), brainstorming with ten people instead of five will, on average, yield more good ideas. This is the reasoning that led me to create a website: It is meant to be a platform for sharing creative ideas, so that innovators can rely on a whole community’s creative potential. My hope is that IdeaSeeds will become a freely available library of ideas that people can use in their lives. Please let me know what you think. Thank you! submitted by /u/Gustavo-Manaka [link] [comments]

  • Rally Latinoamericano de innovación 2022 – Grupo Genios Unidos UML 2022
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  • Innovators of the week
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    Automatic construction Inflatable Concrete Buildings. This company has created a new construction technique that involves inflating buildings, then pumping concrete into them. A rolled-up PVC fabric form is laid in place, and air pumps are used to inflate it. Wet concrete is pumped into the form, resulting in a solid concrete building shell. The buildings go up quickly and cost $20 per square foot. This could also be used for rapid-deploy military structures and perhaps even one day skyscrapers, or structures on Mars for use by astronauts. ​ Bridgestone A New type of tire made from a Mexican plant. To make tire production more sustainable, Bridgestone is turning to a desert shrub called guayule as a source of natural rubber. Native to northern Mexico and the southwestern United States, guayule is a heat-tolerant source of natural rubber that can be used to make tires. Natural rubber can be extracted from guayule’s branches and roots. All the rubbers made today are made with synthetic rubber that originates from oil. The company aims to make tires from 100% renewable materials by 2050. ​ Lockheed Martin A 300-kilowatt laser weapon. Lockheed Martin has just delivered its most powerful laser to date to the US military. Laser weapons are rapidly evolving from a promising concept to practical battlefield weapons. Each of these subsystems includes power units, laser generators, beam combiners, targeting systems, and more. This will be used to protect military personnel and installations from aerial threats, including short-range air defense, and against drones, rockets, mortar, and artillery. ​ Anton Guzhov, Anton Brousseau & André Taylforth A super futuristic bike. A trio of Designers recently created ‘Hydra,’ a concept e-bike. While traditional electric motorcycles run on lithium-ion batteries, this hypothetical ride is powered by hydrogen fuel cells, meaning it emits heat and water instead of fumes. The motorcycle is heavenly influenced by cyberpunk aesthetics with its robot-inspired structure and bulky shell coated in carbon fiber. What particularly stands out is the boxy front where the hydrogen fuel cells are stored. But it remains to be seen whether this zero-emission bike can expand into a sellable product. ​ WZMH Architects Saving war-damaged buildings. An architect company developed a prefabricated-modular system for restoring thousands of buildings across Ukraine that have been partially or fully destroyed during the war. This system aims to integrate modular block, that works like lego, into destroyed buildings. The modular blocks are fabricated off-site and installed with a minimal workforce. The newly added parts are 100% complete once ‘plugged’, as mechanical, electrical, and IT systems are already integrated. ​ Colorado Teardrops A trailer for electric car owners. This company created the world’s first camper trailer designed to extend the towing range of electric vehicles. While an electric vehicle might work perfectly fine for the vast majority of the year, the annual weeklong camping trip can be a deal-breaker. Some EV owners noticed a range cut in half while towing. With about 75 kwh of batteries mounted in its lower frame area the trailer is effectively carrying an extra battery pack along. submitted by /u/Dalembert [link] [comments]

  • The tune of Frère Jacques is now available in the library of Zhichime App, readily played on the electric musical wind chime FGAFFGAF ABbC’ABbC’ C’D’C’BbAF C’D’C’BbAF ACFACF
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  • You’re invited: World’s Top 50 Innovators 2022, London 26-28 September
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  • good sources on social innovations?
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  • Power beaming at the World’s Top 50 Innovators 2022
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  • Q: Innovation
    by /u/choosy_monkey on September 17, 2022 at 9:58 pm

    If you could know ANY-thing about Innovation, what would it be? Context: I co-run an Innovation agency, am an Innovation Designer / Facilitator, and help teams create new products & services… but sometimes it’s difficult to know what stumps people up the most? submitted by /u/choosy_monkey [link] [comments]

  • Simple Game to Teach Innovation?
    by /u/Gef_1_Man_Army on September 17, 2022 at 2:20 pm

    I’m looking for a simple game (either electronic or mechanical) that can be displayed and interacted with on a wall to help teach people about the power of radical innovation and outside-the-box thinking. The idea is that when you first try the game you die very quickly/get a low score and when you continue to play it more times you gradually improve. But after a while there should be a realisation of a radical strategy that allows you to get a much higher score/survive way longer. Does anyone know a game like this or have any suggestions? submitted by /u/Gef_1_Man_Army [link] [comments]

  • Innovators of the week
    by /u/Dalembert on September 16, 2022 at 4:12 pm

    CoffeeB by Cafe royal Cafe royal launched a machine that uses Coffee Balls instead of traditional capsules and generates zero waste instead of the 100,000 tons of capsule wastes produced yearly. It claims to be revolutionizing an industry plagued by colossal waste. They do so by compressing the coffee balls into a tasteless, colorless, seaweed-based layer that gives the coffee structure and protects it from flavor loss. ​ University of Maryland Chitin is a building material that strengthens the exoskeletons of crustaceans and insects. Over the years, scientists have mined chitin from crustacean shells for everything from tissue engineering to making biodegradable plastic. Engineers at the University of Maryland found a way to make zinc-based batteries more durable by incorporating chitosan a Chitin derivative. This could pave the way for alternatives to lithium-ion batteries, which are becoming increasingly expensive, in addition to the environmental issues associated with lithium mining. ​ Joe Doucet The wall features a grid of independent axes with square panes that spin. The current iteration is a 25’x8′ wall with 25 axes. It makes it a great option for urban environments where space is limited. One of these walls should be enough to provide 10,000 kilowatts of electricity per year, enough to cover the needs of an average household. The inventor’s vision is to use larger-scale wind turbine walls on the side of buildings and along highways. It is easy to build a wind turbine wall on a larger scale. The challenge is using materials that can keep the weight down to prevent too much strain on the structure it is mounted on. ​ Gotham Greens High-tech greenhouses on city roofs. Gotham Greens, a New York-based indoor farming company wants to bring more fresh greenhouse-grown produce across the US. They are expanding their network and plans to own and operate 13 high-tech hydroponic greenhouses, totaling more than 40 acres by 2023. Their systems uses up to 95% less water and 97% less land than conventional farming. All their farm are near major urban centers across the US so concentrated agricultural centers can be traded for growing spots positioned near cities centers. ​ Collosal Reintroducing extinct animals. Colossal Biosciences, a Texas-based company, plans to bring back the Tasmanian tiger and the wooly Mammoth as part of its de-extinction initiative. Australian scientists have been hoping to clone the now extinct animal since 1999, to help restore balance to Tasmania’s forests by picking off sick animals and controlling overabundant herbivores. Researchers are using CRISPR gene-editing technology to engineer the genome and plan on releasing a viable, genetically-diverse population of 100 animals into the wild. On next episode I’ll explain their plan for the wooly mammoth. ​ BILL by Nike A sneaker-cleaning robot. Nike has introduced a new project called BILL, which allows users to clean their old sneakers using sustainable practices. The tool takes about 45 mins to deep clean a pair of Air Force 1, the process includes a new insole and lace set made from recycled materials. Nike Town London will be offering BILL for the rest of September for free. Nike will use the data and insights to continue to innovate on sustainable footwear practices. submitted by /u/Dalembert [link] [comments]

  • My youth flew away like a bird~ 我的青春小鳥一去不回來~ Enjoy the moody Xinjiang folk music playing on smart wind chimes Zhichime AGEFAGFEDDBbA AGEFAGFEDDDD DDGBbAD’BbAAGA AGEFAGFEDDBbA AGEFAGFEDDD DFFFFEDFEDE EFGBbAGFEDDD
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  • APIZ – an innovative crypto project in strong symbiosis with a fully-fledged offline business
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  • Steve Blank National Industrial Policy – Private Capital and The America’s Frontier Fund Steps Up
    by /u/AliZimNomadic on September 13, 2022 at 2:13 pm

    Good and in-depth analysis on the innovation race between U.S. and China from Stanford Lead Startup founder Steve Blank. Would love to generate some interesting responses and feedback to this. submitted by /u/AliZimNomadic [link] [comments]


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