“…We must remind ourselves anew of the single most important truth in all eternity. It is that God himself, the Supreme Being, the maker, upholder, and preserver of all things, the creator of the universe, our Eternal Father, is a glorified and perfected man. A knowledge of this truth is the beginning of all spiritual progression. This truth is the foundation upon which the whole plan of salvation rests. “

“God himself, the Father of us all, ordained and established the plan of salvation to enable us, his children, to advance and progress and become like him. Salvation consists in becoming as God is. He is a holy man-Man of Holiness is his name-and his beloved Son is the Son of Man of Holiness, or, as Jesus now expresses it, The Son of Man.” — (The Mortal Messiah, Vol. 3: From Bethlehem to Calvary)

“Thou Art the Christ”

“Our Lord … testified to these favored few that he is the Son of God-a witness he has borne to many people in many places on many occasions. It is, as it were, a new and an everlasting testimony-new each time its burning fire sinks into a human heart; everlasting because it is always borne by Gods, angels, and men, whenever receptive hearers can be assembled to hear an inspired voice.

To Joseph and Mary the Lad of Twelve spoke of being about his Father’s business; to the Passover throngs the Cleanser of the Temple spoke of his Messiahship and the death and resurrection that would attend it; to Nicodemus the Teacher sent from God spoke of his coming crucifixion and identified himself as the Only Begotten Son of God; to the woman of Samaria the Weary Traveler testified, “I who speak unto thee am the Messias”; to his own in Nazareth the Promised Messiah acclaimed that in him were the Messianic prophecies fulfilled; to the messengers who came from John, Jesus said his miracles and his teachings bore record that he was the promised one who should come; to the throngs in Capernaum the Bread from Heaven taught that men must eat his flesh and drink his blood to be saved; to thousands upon thousands of the house of Israel, in all the cities of Judea and Galilee and beyond, the Preacher, the Healer, the Witness of Truth preached the gospel of the kingdom, which is that men are saved through his atoning sacrifice; on occasions without number, the son of Mary, in plain words and in clear similitudes, taught that he was the Son of God. ” — (#Ad: The Mortal Messiah, Vol. 3: From Bethlehem to Calvary)


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