2019 annual report details the work of the charitable arm of the Latter-day Saints

Latter-day Saint Charities’ global footprint expanded in 2019 to bless millions of lives in 142 countries and territories through 3,221 completed projects with 2,000 partners. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ humanitarian organization released these numbers and more today in its 2019 Annual Report.

Latter-day Saint Charities carried out its vision to care for those in need, promote volunteerism and inspire self-reliance in a variety of ways:

  • Emergency response: 194 projects in 64 countries and territories
  • Vision care: 129,819 people helped in 32 countries and territories
  • Maternal and newborn care: 83,555 people assisted in 27 countries and territories
  • Food security: 181,398 people helped in 15 countries and territories
  • Clean water and sanitation: 316,790 people helped in 26 countries and territories
  • Immunizations: Six campaigns to eliminate disease in developing countries
  • Wheelchairs: 52,381 people helped in 41 countries and territories
  • Refugee response: 387 projects in 48 countries and territories
  • International community projects: 994 projects in 107 countries and territories
  • U.S. and Canada community projects: Various projects in 42 states and provinces

In addition to being funded by Latter-day Saints who give to the Church’s Humanitarian Aid Fund, Latter-day Saint Charities is also supported by other generous donors. In 2019, Latter-day Saint Charities used these donations to help people in need around the world. These funds represent only a small part of the Church’s combined annual humanitarian and welfare aid expenditures (approaching $1 billion a year). These expenditures also include significant use of the faith’s fast offering fund, which local bishops use to help the poorest members of their congregations.

Since the organization’s inception in 1985, Latter-day Saint Charities has provided over $2.3 billion worth of assistance in 197 countries.

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“Latter-day Saints, as with other followers of Jesus Christ, are always looking for ways to help, to lift, and to love others. They who are willing to be called the Lord’s people ‘are willing to bear one another’s burdens, . . . to mourn with those that mourn; . . . and [to] comfort those that stand in need of comfort’ [Mosiah 18:8–9]. They truly seek to live the first and second great commandments. When we love God with all our hearts, He turns our hearts to the well-being of others in a beautiful, virtuous cycle.”

Latter-day Saints Charities: Who are they?

Latter-day Saints Charities: Who are they?

Latter-day Saint Charities is the humanitarian arm of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Our purpose is to relieve suffering, foster self-reliance and provide opportunities for service. Sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Latter-day Saint Charities follows the admonition of Jesus Christ to feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, take in the stranger, clothe the naked and visit the sick and afflicted .

Unique in its support structure, Latter-day Saint Charities has access to the resources of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which include funding and local volunteer support. More than one million workdays of labor are contributed each year by volunteers in support of welfare initiatives.

We sponsor relief and development projects in 195 countries and territories and give assistance without regard to race, religious affiliation, or nationality. Aid is based on the core principles of personal responsibility, community support, self-reliance, and sustainability. Largely run with volunteer labor, we operate both independently and in cooperation with other charitable organizations and governments.


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