“Sinek rarely casts his ideas as mere opinions. You will hardly ever hear him give the other side of the story or cite a scientific finding that doesn’t support his argument. Not only does he proclaim ideas with utter confidence, he conveys them as immutable laws of nature.

Do like Sinek. If you’re a reasonable human being, there’s a good chance you have some doubts about some of your ideas. Keep them to yourself. If you want to build a feverishly dedicated following, talk about your offer as if it is the one and only answer to the problems your clients and customers face. Combined with a healthy dose of so-called science and verbal jujitsu, this tactic will ensure your business grows like crazy—even if you didn’t start with why. (Author Simon Sinek Is Full Of Hot Air (And Other Reasons You Should Follow His Lead) by Michael Schein)

I have found the above comments about Simon Sinek interesting and somewhat appropriate. Watching the following videos about his new book, THE INFINITE GAME, may perhaps confirm Schein’s assessment. What do you think?

Why I Wrote “The Infinite Game”

Simon Sinek says that he wrote “The Infinite Game” to rally those who are ready to challenge that status quo and replace it with a reality that is vastly more conducive to our deep-seated human need to feel safe, to contribute to something bigger than ourselves and to provide for ourselves and our families.

It’s a call to action. And one of the steps we need to take is to learn what it means to lead in the Infinite Game.

How to lead in The Infinite Game | THE 5 PRACTICES

The goal isn’t to beat your competition, it’s to outlast them. There are 5 practices that leaders must enact in order to transform their mindset to an infinite one.

1. Just Cause | THE 5 PRACTICES

Organizations have to offer their employees a Cause so Just that they would be willing to sacrifice their own interests to advance it.

2. Trusting Teams | THE 5 PRACTICES

How do we create an environment in which our people can work at their natural best? Leaders are not responsible for results, they’re responsible for the people who are responsible for the results.

3. Worthy Rival | THE 5 PRACTICES

A worthy rival is another player in the game that’s worthy of comparison. They reveal our weaknesses that are opportunities to improve ourselves.

4. Existential Flexibility | THE 5 PRACTICES

If you’re not willing to blow up your own company, the market will do it for you. You must have the capacity to make a profound strategic shift in order to advance your Cause.

10 Great Quotes From The Infinite Game


“The true value of an organization is measured by the desire others have to contribute to that organization’s ability to keep succeeding, not just during the time they are there, but well beyond their own tenure.” –Simon Sinek, The Infinite Game

“Finite players play to beat the people around them. Infinite players play to be better than themselves.” –Simon Sinek, The Infinite Game

“No matter how successful we are in life, when we die, none of us will be declared the winner of life.” –Simon Sinek, The Infinite Game

“Great leaders are the ones who think beyond “short term” versus “long term.” They are the ones who know that it is not about the next quarter or the next election; it is about the next generation.” –Simon Sinek, The Infinite Game

“When we lead with an infinite mindset in an infinite game, it leads to all kinds of problems, the most common of which include the decline of trust, cooperation and innovation.” –Simon Sinek, The Infinite Game

“The game of business fits the very definition of an infinite game.”  –Simon Sinek, The Infinite Game

 “We achieve more when we chase the dream instead of the competition.”–Simon Sinek, The Infinite Game

“Despite the fact that companies are playing in a game that cannot be won, too many business leaders keep playing as if they can.” –Simon Sinek, The Infinite Game

Players with an infinite mindset want to leave their organizations in better shape than they found them.” –Simon Sinek, The Infinite Game

“An infinite perspective frees us from fixating on what other companies are doing, which allows us to focus on a larger vision.” –Simon Sinek, The Infinite Game



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