Preserve Your Family Memories for Free at the FamilySearch Library on Temple Square

The FamilySearch Library on Temple Square has launched an exceptional service called the Family Memories Preservation Center, also known as Memory Lane. This facility, situated on the library’s second floor, aims to help individuals safeguard their cherished family memories by preserving old photos, videos, audio recordings, and other artifacts.

Every family possesses photo albums, boxes of photos, and even old video tapes and reel-to-reel films acquired over the years. The Memory Lane service provides a fantastic opportunity to ensure the preservation of these invaluable family treasures, making them available for future generations. The dedicated volunteers and library staff are on hand to assist visitors in utilizing the available equipment.



While portable USB drives are provided for free, it is recommended to bring personal flash drives or portable hard drives for larger projects. Alternatively, patrons can directly save their digitized files to personal online storage locations like Google Drive and iCloud.

With the self-feeding photo scanners available, the digitization process becomes remarkably efficient. Visitors can effortlessly place a stack of photos, regardless of size variations, onto the scanner, and the images will automatically feed through. The high-speed scanners offer an incredible time-saving experience.

Once digitized, the files can be easily attached to individuals on the FamilySearch Family Tree via FamilySearch Memories. This feature allows users to organize the digitized files by topic, create engaging slideshows or albums, and even utilize them as valuable sources for life sketches.

For comprehensive details about the equipment available and how to make the most of the Family Memories Preservation Center, please visit the center’s website.


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