Alma and Amulek Teach about Faith in Jesus Christ | Alma 31–34 | Book of Mormon

The Zoramites won’t let the poor worship with them in their synagogues. The Zoramites are prideful and believe that they are better than other people. They only pray once a week with set prayers and forget God during the week.

Alma and the other missionaries try to preach the word of God to the Zoramites, but they won’t listen to them. The poor Zoramites ask Alma and Amulek how they should worship God if they are cast out of their synagogue. Alma says it is good for them to be cast out; because they are poor, they have humble hearts and want to learn more about God.

Alma teaches the poor about humility and faith in Jesus Christ. The people learn that they can pray to God anywhere. Alma compares the word of God to a seed. A good seed sprouts and begins to grow.

He asks the people to experiment with the word of God, to have faith to plant the seed in their hearts. And if the word of God is good, it will grow and make them happy. Amulek testifies that salvation is in Jesus Christ.

He tells the people that Jesus Christ will come into the world and take upon Himself the sins of His people. Everyone has the chance to repent, come unto Christ, and be saved.

Based on Alma 31–34.



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