The Lord Guides Lehi's Journey
The Lord Guides Lehi’s Journey

The Fifth Video in the Book of Mormon Series has been released a few minutes ago: Watch it here!

The Lord Guides Lehi’s Journey | 1 Nephi 16 | Book of Mormon

Lehi’s sons marry the daughters of Ishmael and fulfill the Lord’s commands. The Lord commands the company to continue on their journey and provides a tool called the Liahona that shows the direction to go.

All the hunting bows become weak or break, but Nephi shows faith by making a new bow, asking his father where to find food, and then successfully hunting where the Lord directed him to go. Lehi’s family learns that God’s guidance comes in response to their faith, humility, and diligence in keeping His commandments. 

Based on 1 Nephi 16.

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