Ulisses Soares: Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Elder Ulisses Soares tells how the Lord directed him in a strong, firm voice what to teach the missionaries. He felt the Savior speak to them. After, they sat silently, reflecting on the instruction.

I Hear Him by Teaching the Gospel and Following the Spirit

I remember an experience when I served as mission president. I had prepared a speech for the missionaries in a zone conference that I thought was very good. I was completely prepared, and in the morning, I started to have a doubtful feeling—as if I heard the Lord’s voice saying, “This is not what your missionaries need.”

I knelt and prayed, and then the Lord directed me to section 33 of the Doctrine and Covenants, which is a revelation given to the Prophet Joseph Smith for two men who were called to preach the gospel. I changed the speech completely, and it met the exact needs the missionaries had on that occasion. I remember that the feeling of peace that came to my heart was so strong, confirming in my mind and my heart that this was what the missionaries needed to learn on that day. That decision to listen to the Lord changed the direction of our mission, changed the missionaries’ vision, and changed the way we carried out the work. (Read more here)

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