Former mission presidents, an Olympic medalist, and a famous Latter-day Saint youth speaker are the new members of the Young Men general board of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Craig B. Ballard, 51. Born in Salt Lake City to M. Russell and Barbara Ballard. Managing partner of Promontory Capital LC and Aero Investments LLC. Married to Melissa Garff Ballard; they have six children and one grandchild. Served as a president of the Oregon Portland Mission.

John G. Bytheway, 57. Married to Kimberly Loveridge Bytheway; they have six children. Teaches the Book of Mormon at BYU and the BYU Salt Lake Center but is best-known for his books, audio talks and DVDs.

David T. Lisonbee, 67. Married to Bianca Palmieri Lisonbee; they have five children and 13 grandchildren. Served as a Brazil Salvador Mission president. Founded, with his wife, an international company which researches, develops, and markets health products.

Thomas E. Mullen, 65. Married to Susan Owens Mullen; they have four children. Works on the senior management team of a multinational firm and as president of a private charitable trust and as an adjunct faculty member in religious education at Brigham Young University. Served as president of the New York Utica Mission.

Peter G. Vidmar, 59. Married to Donna Marie Harris Vidmar; they have five children. A former elite gymnast and Olympic medalist in several events, including gold medalist in the 1984 Los Angeles games. Served as an Australia Melbourne Mission president and spoke in the 1985 April general conference;

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Learn More about the New Young Men General Presidency

During the 190th Annual General Conference President Dallin H. Oaks of the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced the call of a new Young Men’s General Presidency. Brother Steven J. Lund is the new president, with Brother Ahmad Corbitt and Brother Bradley (Brad) R. Wilcox as his counselors.

Brother Steven J. Lund, 66, was raised in Santa Rosa and Long Beach, California. He is the executive chairman of the board of directors of a Utah-based cosmetics company. He also serves as a regent of the Utah System of Higher Education. He and his wife, Kalleen, are the parents of four children and nine grandchildren.

Brother Ahmad S. Corbitt, 57, was born in Philadelphia. He currently works for the Church’s Missionary Department. He and his wife, Jayne, have six children and 11 grandchildren.

Brother Bradley R. (Brad) Wilcox, 60, was born in Provo, Utah. He is currently a professor in the Department of Ancient Scripture at Brigham Young University. He and his wife, Deborah Gunnell, are parents of four children and eight grandchildren.

Read the full bios on Church News


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