Just as God revealed His will to ancient prophets now recorded in the Holy Bible, He reveals His will today to modern-day prophets. To those who seek Him, He inspires with personal revelation to know His plan for them.

Do you wonder how we know about God? Does God speak to us? Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as Latter-day Saints, believe as other Christians that God speaks to His children through revelation, or direct communication. He does this because He loves us and wants us to know about Him and His plan for each of us. He does this through prophetic revelation and personal revelation.

Prophets like Moses, Noah, and others found in the Bible were God’s spokesmen. They communicated God’s will to all of His children.

Through these ancient prophets, God declared His will on a variety of topics relevant to their day for their benefit. He gave commandments to live by, instructions regarding how to treat others, and also important truths about the life and mission of Jesus Christ.

God communicates to prophets through inspirations to the heart and mind, through visitations of angels, and by personal appearances. His teachings were preserved in a book of scripture known as the Holy Bible.

God revealed Himself to other prophets in the Americas. Their teachings are also considered scripture and are found in the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ.

God’s communication through His prophets is referred to as Prophetic Revelation.

God also knows and cares for all His children. There are times when He speaks personally—to each of us—to guide, encourage, and correct our paths. God speaks to us through the Comforter, or Holy Ghost. He is a personage of spirit and communicates God’s will to His children.

God communicates in unique, special ways to each of us. Latter-day Saints call this Personal Revelation.

Revelation can come as an impression to warn or prepare. It can come as a warmth in the heart or as an idea in the mind. Through the Holy Ghost, God offers promptings of instruction and whispers of encouragement. We can receive revelation about things we learn in the scriptures or from modern prophets.

The Holy Spirit can help in your life as you seek God through prayer. He will reveal Himself to you through the Holy Spirit or through miracles, blessings, or spiritual gifts. He will bring you comfort and guidance in life.

God does this because He wants to reveal Himself so we can become like Him and return to live with Him. Now you know more about the power and purpose of revelation and why and how God speaks to us.

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